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The Broiler Equipment Company (BEC) was founded in the UK over 50 years ago, we are credited with developing the first round plastic automatic drinker for the poultry and game bird rearing industries. BEC products have now been in use for over forty years and have developed an enviable reputation for reliability all over the world.

In these days where traceability, biosecurity and environmental considerations are paramount it is reassuring to our clients that all the materials used in Osprey BEC products are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. They are also European food contact compliant, with only food approved additives used. In addition Osprey BEC’s Polymer feed stocks comply with Underwriters laboratory on half burn flammability tests ensuring safety.

Osprey Ltd, based in the UK, has grown rapidly over the last 50 years. We specialise in plastic injection moulding and purchased BEC in January 2004.

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