BEC 1 Litre Drinker


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Base Diameter – 15cm

Height – 15cm

Capacity – 1L

Pack size – 50 units

Birds – 1 to 9*




A high quality hand filled drinker

It has an opaque top and red base with a simple push fit design

Very easy to use and clean

Suitable for Poultry and Game birds

If you are rearing from day old chicks you will require drinkers that are safe and suitable for birds of varying ages and sizes

The BEC 1L and 1.5L drinkers are perfect for day old chicks, as they have been specially designed to be shallow and narrow lipped, this helps prevent the chicks from drowning

This size of drinker is ideal for the first two weeks or until the chicks reach a size that prevents them from coming to any harm







*will vary with breed and age of birds