10 Litre Bucket Drinker

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Part Number: HCBC219


The BEC Drinker Range is available in 1,1.5, 3, 5 and 10 litre capacities. All are designed for use where no piped water is available.

Our Expert Says…

“This drinker is quite unique as it comes with a fitted handle that converts the top of the drinker into a very handy and useful bucket.
The drinker has a capacity of 10ltrs and is part of the BEC Basic drinker range. It has a clear see through top that is a push fit onto a strong red base.
The handle fits neatly into the base when not in use, and the drinker is very easy to clean and use.
This is a ground-based drinker that can be used along with the drinker stand or any other raised surface.”

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