12kg Handy Feeder

Part Number: HABC0250 (Standard)
Part Number: HABC0251 (Ultimate)


The Handy Feeder has a capacity of 12 kg and is comprised of Feed Tray, Feed Tube, Indoor Lid, Feed Flow Adjuster and an Ergonomic Carry Handle that doubles up as a Hanger.

The Ultimate version has a Tube with a finned base, to reduce wastage, and a set of four push fit legs.


Our Expert Says…

” This 12kg feeder is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors; even with its large capacity it can be used free standing or hanging. The Handy feeder comes with optional 7.5cm legs that are easily fitted to the base of the feeder. The Handy feeder can also be fitted with a fully weather proof cover/rain hat as an optional extra when the feeder is free standing outdoors.

Although quite a large feeder it is ideal for all poultry keepers, the design incorporates feed flow adjustment by the internal threaded handle making the feeder suitable for all types of feed. The handle also acts as the support from which the feeder can be hung. The central hole in the handle allows the feeder to hang straight and level preventing the feed from being wasted by the feeder tipping over.

The Handy feeder is very well built and is made from very high quality plastic; this means that it is suitable for all types of birds including chickens, pheasants and waterfowl.”

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