3 Litre Combo Drinker

Please note that the 3 litre combination drinker does not have optional 7.5 cm legs.

Part Number: HCBC254


The 3 litre Combo Drinker is a tough, gravity fed, ground based or hanging, Poultry and Game Bird Drinker. It has a heavy duty, ergonomically designed carrying handle that doubles up as a hanger.


Our Expert Says…

“The Combination drinker is the top of the range in poultry drinkers; this is a heavy-duty, extremely strong drinker that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This range comes in three sizes – 3, 6, and 12litres. The 6 & 12 litre versions can be adapted to stand with or without the optional legs, as with all drinkers they must be stood on level ground to avoid leakage. The drinker has a twist lock fit base that allows you to fill the drinker with the base removed and the top turned over, once full then just simply twist and lock the base into position.