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Multi-Use Scoop



Available in four colours:

Pink (as shown): HCBC700P

Dark Green: HCBC700GRN

Purple: HCBC700PUR

Light Blue: HCBC700BL



The scoop is manufactured from Polypropylene copolymer –  a tough, durable material with good chemical resistance.






Designed and built for the professional user, it has a reinforced base for effective scraping and has additional reininforcment within the handle.







The scoop has a large capacity due to its depth, however it is comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle.





NEW – 5mm & 6mm Pipe Fittings


5mm Tee Piece (Blue: HCMS075BL   Black: HCMS075BK)


5mm Straight Piece (Blue: HCMS074BL   Black: HCMS074BK)


6mm Tee Piece (Blue: HCMS077BL   Black: HCMS077BK)



6mm Straight Piece (Blue: HCMS076BL   Black: HCMS076BK)


Available in black and blue.


Barbed ends for secure tube/hose installation.


Moulded using Polyamide 6 high quality engineering polymer, exceptional thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance properties.


Temperature range -30c + 140c.



NEW – Cleanflo Nipple Drinker



Ideal for day old chicks to release!



The principal advantage of nipple drinkers over regular drinkers is that they self flush. This dramatically reduces the chance of cross contamination between birds. Husbandry time is reduced as there is limited surface area be cleaned.


Cleanflo nipple drinkers enhance growth rates as a result of two primary reasons; the first being access to clean, cool water; the second being the fact that they minimise boredom and encourage consumption.


They are very mobile and can be used in sheds, pens and the open environment.




The drinker can be used in conjunction with the brand new BEC Tri-Stand. It allows the drinker to be positioned at any height off the ground, keeping the drinker stabilised in adverse weather conditions.



The Contamination Cover carries over from the original Cleanflo Drinker line, keeping the water cleaner and cooler, particularly when outdoors. Furthermore the cover greatly improves the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light which destroys the active ingredients.  So no more over medicating the water to compensate, saving you money!



Cleaning the drinker couldn’t be easier. Every part is carefully thought out and can be stripped to allow sterilisation.



TOP TIP: For best results, use the four arm low flow nipples in the sheds, and the two arm high flow nipples outside.


BEC @ British Pig & Poultry Fair 2020


Unfortunately due to the current pandemic the Pig & Poultry 2020 show has been cancelled.

If you have any questions about our products, please email and we will be happy to help.


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Cleanflo Drinker


Part Numbers:

HABC0271 (drinker + stand + cover) HABC0270 (drinker only)







Capacity – auto

Pack size – 10 units




The original Cleanflo Drinker is suitable for birds of all ages. The drinker has three settings:

1. Up to 10 days
2. 10 days to 6 weeks
3. 6 weeks to adult

The optional Tripod Stand can be fitted to prevent soil contamination. Each foot can be adjusted in height to counter act the uneven ground. This makes sure the water is always level

The aptly named Contamination Cover can be fitted to keep the water cleaner and cooler particularly when outdoors.







The Cleanflo is now available as a solution in a box.  Everything you need for a no fuss setup

System includes header tank, jacket, tubing, inline filter, all fixtures and fittings with our original Cleanflo Drinkers



Cleanflo plug in system:

HABC0272 (2 pack)
HABC0273 (4 pack)
HABC0274 (6 pack)



Biomaster Guard for WM2 & BEC 75


Part Number: HABC2500 (WM2)

Part Number: HABC2501 (BEC 75)





For many years a system that will help to protect the birds from disease and infection has been long overdue but a Gamekeeper has developed the new Watermaster Masterguard, this unique idea prevents contamination through dust, dirt and faeces from entering the automatic drinking systems.

Keeping the water clean and fresh is the best way of preventing the threat of Mycoplasma a disease that is passed on by wild bird’s droppings or mucus from infected birds; this is very serious disease that can be spread through water contamination very quickly through the flock.

When using the Masterguard it prevents water dilution, which in turn allows any added medication, vitamins and sanitates to maintain their full strength. Tests have proven that without the Masterguard fitted, the sunlight can encourage bacteria to grow and cause 25% evaporation of valuable additives that have been added to the water.

Most bacteria do not survive in water below 8 degrees, so with our milder winters our birds are at risk for a longer period of time. The new Masterguard will help to protect birds all year round.





Duck Drinker


Part Number:

HDDD1600AUT (Automatic) HDDD1600 (Manual)







Capacity – auto &/or 16L (Manual)

Pack size – 1 unit




Uniquely designed by BEC, this Duck Drinker was created with the duck breeder/keeper in mind

Free standing it also comes with a set of push fit legs raising the reservoir 55 mm off the ground

There are two types of this drinker available, one that is an easy to fill 16L manual drinker and the other is fully automatic that is fed directly from your water supply, this version is fitted with a cut off valve so it keeps the water to the correct level

To clean the drinker simply unplug the grommet and drain the water out.

Although manufactured for ducks, this drinker also proved successful for chickens & geese during trials.