Biomaster Guard for WM2 & BEC 75


Part Number: HABC2500 (WM2)

Part Number: HABC2501 (BEC 75)





For many years a system that will help to protect the birds from disease and infection has been long overdue but a Gamekeeper has developed the new Watermaster Masterguard, this unique idea prevents contamination through dust, dirt and faeces from entering the automatic drinking systems.

Keeping the water clean and fresh is the best way of preventing the threat of Mycoplasma a disease that is passed on by wild bird’s droppings or mucus from infected birds; this is very serious disease that can be spread through water contamination very quickly through the flock.

When using the Masterguard it prevents water dilution, which in turn allows any added medication, vitamins and sanitates to maintain their full strength. Tests have proven that without the Masterguard fitted, the sunlight can encourage bacteria to grow and cause 25% evaporation of valuable additives that have been added to the water.

Most bacteria do not survive in water below 8 degrees, so with our milder winters our birds are at risk for a longer period of time. The new Masterguard will help to protect birds all year round.