The Cleanflo Drinker

Part Number: HABC0270 (Drinker only)

Part Number: HABC0271 (Drinker + Stand + Cover)

A revolutionary design, the Cleanflo Drinker is suitable for birds of all ages. The drinker has three settings:

1. Up to 10 days
2. 10 days to 6 weeks
3. 6 weeks to adult

The optional Tripod Stand can be fitted to prevent soil contamination. Each foot can be adjusted in height to counter act the uneven ground. This makes sure the water is always level.

The aptly named Contamination Cover can be fitted to keep the water cleaner and cooler particularly when outdoors.

The Cleanflo is now available as a solution in a box.  Everything you need for a no fuss setup.

System includes Header Tank, Jacket, Tubing, Inline Filter, all fixtures and fittings with our new Cleanflo Drinkers.


SET OF 2 DRINKERS – HABC0272 – £98.00
SET OF 4 DRINKERS – HABC0273 – £118.00
SET OF 6 DRINKERS – HABC0274 – £138.00



The Duck Drinker


Part Number: HDDD1600 (Manual)

Part Number: HDDD1600AUT (Automatic)

Another unique design from BEC, it was created with the duck breeder/keeper in mind.

Free standing with short strong legs it comes with large access holes down each side.

There are two types of this drinker available, one that is an easy to fill manual drinker and the other is fully automatic that is fed directly from your water supply, this version is fitted with a cut off valve so it keeps the water to the correct level.

To clean the drinker simply unplug the grommet and drain the water out.

Although manufactured for waterfowl this also proved very successful for chickens during trials.


Maxicup Drinker

Part Number: HCBC375

The Maxicup is a semi automatic drinker designed by BEC to use old water tanks, buckets, feed and any other type of container turning them into reservoirs for your birds’ drinking water.
The Maxicup is a self-filling, multi use drinker with a cup capacity of 0.5 litres. It can be fitted to water containers with a water depth of up to 180cm (72”). It is easy to fit, maintain and use.
Ideal for outside or indoor use, the Maxicup is hardwearing and suitable for mostpets, game and wild birds.

Fitting: Simply drill the water container with a 12mm (1/2”) drill at a suitable height for your birds or pets.
Fit the Maxicup by removing the nut & filter, place the Maxicup spigot through the hole leaving the washer on the outside and tighten down the nut until it forms a seal with the wall of the tank – then fit the filter behind the nut. Fill with water, check angle and retighten if necessary.

Maintenance: The Maxicup is simple to maintain, simple undo the two screws securing the cup to the filter cover, separate the two halves and then clean the float and interior of the housing then reassemble.

The Tripod Drinkers

Part Number: HABC0300A (10 L)
Part Number: HABC0301A (20 L)
Part Number: HABC0302A (30 L)


BEC tripod drinkers come in three sizes – ten, twenty and thirty litres. Constructed of UV stabilised polypropylene and polyethylene these drinkers are designed to cope with the toughest conditions on shoots and poultry farms across the globe.

These drinkers have a solid tripod base, the body is light but durable with a heavy duty carrying handle that is designed to cope with the loads encountered when filling and moving the body. They have a high capacity water pan, easily accessible to various kinds of birds including all sizes of poultry, game birds, ducks, geese and turkeys.

The water barrels on the BEC tripod drinkers are easy to fill and as they are made of translucent plastic you can easily see the level of the water as you fill it and when you check to ensure your birds are never without water in the field.

Filling the unit is done through the top of the tank – while the filling is taking place the spigot is sealed by a rubber key style bung. Once you place the tank onto the tripod you remove the bung, slacken of the carrying handle and let the pan fill – once it covers the outlet pipe you tighten up the carrying handle creating a vacuum that controls the release of water as your birds drink.

The BEC tripod drinkers are stable and operate perfectly on uneven ground – though it is always best to try and keep them on a level surface!


For cleaning instructions, please click here.


Cage Cup

Part Numbers:
HCBC420DGRN (Green)
HCBC420LBL (Light Blue)
HCBC420R (Red)
HCBC420WH (White)
HCBC420Y (Yellow)
HCBC420GRNNEO (Anise Green)
HCBC420RRNEO (Raspberry Red)
HCBC420SGYNEO (Shining Light Grey)
HCBC420VNEO (Violet)

Available in nine colours, the cage cups are ideally suited to a wide range of purposes

MiniMaster 3 Drinker

Part Number: HABC0095


The new minimaster 3 drinker requires no Chick Saver Ring as the water height can be accurately regulated. It can also be fed from a saddle connector or via a Watermaster Drinker. Its base features our unique “ChickGrip” textured surface.

WM3e Hanging Drinker


Part Number: HABC0040


The Watermaster 3E Drinker has a larger cone than the 2E, a diameter of 38 cm and is suitable for Turkeys and Breeding Stock. It can be supplied ballasted. It utilises the proven BEC valve designed & manufactured in the UK.


Our Expert Says…

The range of automatic drinkers comes in three sizes based on the diameter of the drinker – 21.5cm (the BEC75) – 32cm (the Watermaster 2e) and 38cm (the Watermaster 3e) this gives the poultry keeper a selection that will suit all different environments, the larger watermaster is ideal for larger birds and turkeys as it can be supplied with ballast bowl for stability.

The size of the drinker selected can also depend on the space available to the individual keeper, the smaller version is ideal for most keepers and especially the keepers of bantams, the medium sized will suit all birds of all sizes and the large drinker is perfect for the larger flocks and commercial operations.

All the drinkers are designed to be used from a separate header tank; they are gravity fed and are all adjustable for the water level in the drink tray.

They are easily dismantled and very easy to adjust, the drinker comes with a removable filter in the top that can be removed to clean. Spares for each auto drinker are also available.

They are all ideal for use a single drinker or as multiple drinking systems.

3 Litre Combo Drinker

Please note that the 3 litre combination drinker does not have optional 7.5 cm legs.

Part Number: HCBC254


The 3 litre Combo Drinker is a tough, gravity fed, ground based or hanging, Poultry and Game Bird Drinker. It has a heavy duty, ergonomically designed carrying handle that doubles up as a hanger.


Our Expert Says…

“The Combination drinker is the top of the range in poultry drinkers; this is a heavy-duty, extremely strong drinker that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This range comes in three sizes – 3, 6, and 12litres. The 6 & 12 litre versions can be adapted to stand with or without the optional legs, as with all drinkers they must be stood on level ground to avoid leakage. The drinker has a twist lock fit base that allows you to fill the drinker with the base removed and the top turned over, once full then just simply twist and lock the base into position.

Mini Master Drinker (Optional Chick Saver Ring & Bowl)

Part Number: HABC0080 (Bowl – MiniMaster 1)

Part Number: HABC0090 (Dish – MiniMaster 2)
Part Number: HABC0095 (Complete – MiniMaster 3)
Part Number: HFBC1390 (Chicksaver Ring, for MiniMaster 1&2 only)


The Minimaster Drinker with its optional Chick Saver Ring is available with either a Water Bowl, or Dish, and is fed from a saddle connector or via a Watermaster Drinker using a side outlet connector.

Our Expert Says…

“The Mini Master has been designed to be used as a fully automatic drinker that is ideal for use in the brooder, this is perfect for chicks as it comes with an optional ring that fits into the water tray, and this is an extra precautionary measure to prevent the chicks drowning. The Minimaster range can be used in conjunction with the larger automatic drinker range by incorporating a side outlet to the saddle connector.

The drinker is ground based and has two variants – the Minimaster 1 has a bowl , the Minimaster 2 has a dish.”

Dome Master Drinker

Part Number: HCBC260


The New Dome Master Drinker from BEC is a gravity fed, ground based game bird and poultry drinker with a centrally sprung, valve, system that ensures that the reservoir is always full. Manufactured in the UK, to ISO 9001:2000 standards, the BEC Dome Master Drinker is readily available ex stock.

Its transparent valve stem allows full view of the in line filter so blockages can be quickly cleared ensuring continual water supply.

Its dome shape means there are no perching points thereby preventing water contamination and the base has BEC’s unique “ChickGrip” textured surface for improved grip for small, or young, birds.

Delivered boxed and ready to use, the BEC Dome Master Drinker is easy to strip, clean and maintain. It is 35cm in diameter and stands at 22cm high.


For Dome Master Drinker spare part information, please click here.


Our Expert Says…

“This drinker is ground based, it is ideal for all types of poultry, and game birds and it is also perfect for use when rearing growers.
The Dome Drinker can be used individually or as a multiple drinking system fed from one source.
The drinker is very easy to maintain and comes with a very well designed valve system on the top of the drinker that is clear allowing the operator to see and correct any possible blockages.
The drinker sits on a base that has been designed to be non-slip – making the drinker ideal for young birds.
The Dome Drinker is designed with a shape that prevents perching and this in turn prevents any soiling of the water allowing a fresh healthy supply constantly.
The drinker can be dismantled very easily and this makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.”