Multi-Use Scoop



Available in four colours:

Pink (as shown): HCBC700P

Dark Green: HCBC700GRN

Purple: HCBC700PUR

Light Blue: HCBC700BL



The scoop is manufactured from Polypropylene copolymer –  a tough, durable material with good chemical resistance.






Designed and built for the professional user, it has a reinforced base for effective scraping and has additional reininforcment within the handle.







The scoop has a large capacity due to its depth, however it is comfortable to use with an ergonomically designed handle.





NEW – 5mm & 6mm Pipe Fittings


5mm Tee Piece (Blue: HCMS075BL   Black: HCMS075BK)


5mm Straight Piece (Blue: HCMS074BL   Black: HCMS074BK)


6mm Tee Piece (Blue: HCMS077BL   Black: HCMS077BK)



6mm Straight Piece (Blue: HCMS076BL   Black: HCMS076BK)


Available in black and blue.


Barbed ends for secure tube/hose installation.


Moulded using Polyamide 6 high quality engineering polymer, exceptional thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance properties.


Temperature range -30c + 140c.



Biomaster Guard for WM2 & BEC 75


Part Number: HABC2500 (WM2)

Part Number: HABC2501 (BEC 75)





For many years a system that will help to protect the birds from disease and infection has been long overdue but a Gamekeeper has developed the new Watermaster Masterguard, this unique idea prevents contamination through dust, dirt and faeces from entering the automatic drinking systems.

Keeping the water clean and fresh is the best way of preventing the threat of Mycoplasma a disease that is passed on by wild bird’s droppings or mucus from infected birds; this is very serious disease that can be spread through water contamination very quickly through the flock.

When using the Masterguard it prevents water dilution, which in turn allows any added medication, vitamins and sanitates to maintain their full strength. Tests have proven that without the Masterguard fitted, the sunlight can encourage bacteria to grow and cause 25% evaporation of valuable additives that have been added to the water.

Most bacteria do not survive in water below 8 degrees, so with our milder winters our birds are at risk for a longer period of time. The new Masterguard will help to protect birds all year round.





The Flexi-Peg

Flexi-Peg (Black- loose) HFBC2401 Flexi-Peg (Black- bagged in 5’s with card inserts) HABC0600 Flexi-Peg (Yellow – loose) HFBC2401Y Flexi-Peg (Yellow- bagged in 5’s with card inserts) HABC0600Y

The Flexi-Peg is a durable marker with a wide range of uses in the countryside, on the estate, by the river, on the golf course or at the garden centre.

The Flexi-Peg is a constructed to a unique design to stand up to the practicalities of everyday marker use in the rural environment. Designed to be knocked flat and spring back to its full height if trodden on or run over the Flexi-Peg provides the labour saving answer to marking problems at shoots, angling competitions and other countryside events.

The Flexi-Peg is available in Yellow, Neutral or Black, it comes packed in bags of five with a display header card and card inserts or loose in boxes of fifty.

Extra strong for rugged use, UV protected, and manufactured in the UK by Osprey BEC the Flexi-Peg has a myriad of uses where you need to mark your territory!

BEC Bedding Protector & Feed Tray

Part Number: GFDLBK

BEC have come up with a new product that is designed to prevent your birds wetting bedding and wasting water and feed. Used in conjunction with the 44 cm Chick Disco Stand (HCBC200) the Bedding protector can save your bedding costs and cut back on feed waste by your young birds.

The BEC bedding protector can also double up as a 58cm chick tray with a low level rim!

The bedding protector/ 58 cm chick tray comes in boxes of ten or pallets of 256.

Egg Tray

Part Number : HCBC221

BEC multicoloured stackable, reusable, and washable egg trays – Ideal for storage and cleaning of eggs

Available in a range of colours these durable 30 egg trays are designed with ventilation in mind to ensure that eggs dry quickly – ensuring a rapid turn over.

ChickBox Coop Nest Box

Part Number: HABC0234 (brown– with Rollout egg tray & fittings)

Following on from the world wide success of the first version of the Chick Box™, BEC have designed and developed a new version to fit into the wall of hen houses and chicken coops.

Easy to install the new Chick Box™  is aimed at clients looking for a nesting box with rear access – allowing easy external egg collection without entering the hen house.

The new Chick Box™. has all the benefits of the indoor version – The perch bracket is used to block external access to the hen house during the day whilst the rear door is open which allows birds to use the roll out nest tray for laying. In poor weather the external door can be locked – the perch lowered and birds can have access to the nest box.

For more information, please visit our ChickBox website.

Urban Bird Table

Part Number: SACLBH4


The Urban Bird Table ornate in appearance it has been designed to easily fix to a fence, wall or any suitable vertical surface, screws are provided. The hooks are suitable for hanging feed materials. This is a popular and traditional bird table.

Roll Out Nest Bottom With Cover

Part Number: Roll Out Nest Bottom – HFBC0800
Part Number: Egg Cover Flap – HFBC0806

The rollout nest bottoms can be used for improved hygiene and speed up egg collection, they also keep the eggs cleaner as they roll away on being laid, the flap prevents any egg pecking, it is suitable for all breeds, savings can be made on bedding materials and cleaning time.

Wright Feeder

Part Number: HCBC600

The plastic coated metal Wright Feeder can be dropped into a pre-drilled hole in the base of any bulk feed container.