NEW – Cleanflo Nipple Drinker



Ideal for day old chicks to release!



The principal advantage of nipple drinkers over regular drinkers is that they self flush. This dramatically reduces the chance of cross contamination between birds. Husbandry time is reduced as there is limited surface area be cleaned.


Cleanflo nipple drinkers enhance growth rates as a result of two primary reasons; the first being access to clean, cool water; the second being the fact that they minimise boredom and encourage consumption.


They are very mobile and can be used in sheds, pens and the open environment.




The drinker can be used in conjunction with the brand new BEC Tri-Stand. It allows the drinker to be positioned at any height off the ground, keeping the drinker stabilised in adverse weather conditions.



The Contamination Cover carries over from the original Cleanflo Drinker line, keeping the water cleaner and cooler, particularly when outdoors. Furthermore the cover greatly improves the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light which destroys the active ingredients.  So no more over medicating the water to compensate, saving you money!



Cleaning the drinker couldn’t be easier. Every part is carefully thought out and can be stripped to allow sterilisation.



TOP TIP: For best results, use the four arm low flow nipples in the sheds, and the two arm high flow nipples outside.


Maxicup Drinker


Part Number:








Capacity – semi auto (0.5L cup)

Pack size – 46 units

Hole in container needed- 12mm





The original and still the best semi automatic drinker designed by BEC

To use with old water tanks, buckets, feed and any other type of container turning them into reservoirs for your birds’ drinking water

The Maxicup is a self-filling, multi use drinker with a cup capacity of 0.5 litres

It can be fitted to water containers with a water depth of up to 180cm (72”)

Ideal for outside or indoor use, the Maxicup is hardwearing and suitable for most poultry, game, pets and wild birds

Very easy to use and clean






Drill the water container with a 12mm (1/2”) drill at a suitable height for your birds or pets

Fit the Maxicup by removing the nut & filter, place the Maxicup spigot through the hole leaving the washer on the outside and tighten down the nut until it forms a seal with the wall of the tank, then fit the filter behind the nut

Fill with water, check angle and retighten if necessary




The Maxicup is easy to maintain, simply undo the two screws securing the cup to the filter cover, separate the two halves and then clean the float and interior of the housing, then reassemble

Expert’s View – 12Kg Handy Feeder

This 12kg feeder is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors; even with its large capacity it can be used free standing or hanging. The Handy feeder comes with optional 7.5cm legs that are easily fitted to the base of the feeder. The Handy feeder can also be fitted with a fully weather proof cover/rain hat as an optional extra when the feeder is free standing outdoors.
Although quite a large feeder it is ideal for all poultry keepers, the design incorporates feed flow adjustment by the internal threaded handle making the feeder suitable for all types of feed. The handle also acts as the support from which the feeder can be hung. The central hole in the handle allows the feeder to hang straight and level preventing the feed from being wasted by the feeder tipping over.
The Handy feeder is very well built and is made from very high quality plastic; this means that it is suitable for all types of birds including chickens, pheasants and waterfowl.
This 12kg feeder is ideal for up to twelve birds – refilling as necessary. It is also ideal to use as a holiday/weekend feeder, using the Handy feeder can save time on the daily chore of feeding – making it easier to look after the birds while you are away, therefore reducing the problem for the person left at home.

Expert’s View – Feeder Range


The BEC feeder range covers the basic needs for the poultry keeper who needs feeders suitable for chickens from day old to full grown, this range includes four sizes from 1kg up to 5kg, all have a red base with an easy to fit opaque push on top. As with the matching drinker range these are very easy to use and clean.
Combine these feeders with the drinker range to accommodate all chickens from day old chicks increasing the feeder size as they mature.
Although all this range have a fixed feed flow they are suitable for all types of poultry feed, the 1kg and 1.5kg are an ideal size for inside the brooder and for use with chick starter crumbs, all the feeders have a pre set feed flow control therefore no adjustments are required.
Feeder size will need to increase as the chicks grow; the 3kg and the 5kg are ideally suitable for all types of feed including growers and layers pellets, corn or mash.
These feeders are all ground based and it is advisable to sit these on a raised area to prevent the feed from being contaminated by the birds during their normal daily routine.
There is a raised Disco stand available from BEC that is perfect for all ground based drinkers or feeders.

Expert’s View – Drinker Range


The BEC drinker range includes five sizes of fonts, covering all the basic needs of the average poultry keeper; they are all free standing and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
These drinkers are all red based with an opaque press on fit top, they are very easy to use and clean so this is an ideal, reasonably priced range of drinkers that is suitable for all sizes of poultry breeds and all levels of poultry keepers
If you are rearing chickens from day old chicks you will require drinkers that are safe and suitable for birds of varying ages and sizes. Day old chicks will need a small narrow lipped drinker, the BEC 1Ltr and 1.5Ltr versions in this range are perfect as they have been specially designed to be shallow and narrow lipped, this will prevent the chicks from drowning. This size of drinker is ideal for the first two weeks or until the chicks reach a size that prevents them from coming to any harm.
1ltr and 1.5ltr are suitable for up to ten chicks; if you have higher numbers – use multiple drinkers.
The range then includes drinker sizes to accommodate the number of chicks you have hatched, I suggest that the next two sizes – the 3Ltr and 5Ltr are ideal for use with up to twelve tom fifteen growers as the chicks mature, this again depends on the quantity of chicks being reared, a constant supply of fresh water is required for all chickens so regular checks are needed.
The 10Ltr version of this range is ideal as a ground standing drinker that is suitable for up to twelve adult birds both indoors and outdoors, ideally standing this on a raised area to prevent the water from becoming contaminated or use the raised Disco stand available from BEC that is perfect for all ground based drinkers.

(The number of birds quoted for each size of drinker is based on regular checks and daily water replacement.)

Expert’s View – Combination Drinker Range

The Combination drinker is the top of the range in poultry drinkers; this is a heavy-duty, extremely strong drinker that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
This range comes in three sizes – 3, 6, and-12litres. The 6 & 12 litre versions can be adapted to stand with or without the optional legs, as with all drinkers they must be stood on level ground to avoid leakage. The drinker has a twist lock fit base that allows you to fill the drinker with the base removed and the top turned over, once full then just simply twist and lock the base into position.
The Combination drinker can be used in a variety of ways, it can be free standing on its base or it has the option to be stood on its own legs that are press fixed into the base and give a floor clearance of 7.5 cms, it can also be used as a hanging drinker using the extra strong handle that is fixed to the top of the drinker. Hanging the Combination drinker is very easy as the handle has a central hole to attach a chain or cable to and this levels the drinker automatically.
The hanging height will vary subject to breed size but the average height for chickens is approximately 23 to 30 cms from the ground.
Legs for these drinkers are an optional extra but are highly recommended; these are an easy push fit into the base.
The Combination drinkers are suitable for all sizes of adult birds from True Bantams to Large Fowl, the size required depends on the number of birds kept – but working on a daily basis the 3ltr will accommodate up to 3-4 bantams, the 6ltr up to 6 birds and the 12ltr around 8-10 birds – this may vary subject to bird sizes and the weather conditions, replacing the water daily is very important and in hot weather this may have to be repeated more than once a day.

10 Litre Bucket Drinker

[galobj viewid=84]

Part Number: HCBC219


The BEC Drinker Range is available in 1,1.5, 3, 5 and 10 litre capacities. All are designed for use where no piped water is available.

Our Expert Says…

“This drinker is quite unique as it comes with a fitted handle that converts the top of the drinker into a very handy and useful bucket.
The drinker has a capacity of 10ltrs and is part of the BEC Basic drinker range. It has a clear see through top that is a push fit onto a strong red base.
The handle fits neatly into the base when not in use, and the drinker is very easy to clean and use.
This is a ground-based drinker that can be used along with the drinker stand or any other raised surface.”

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Dome Master Drinker Spare Parts

Part No Description Pack £ Each
HCBC261 Clear Filter Cover Each £POA
HCBC262 Filter Each £POA
HCBC263 Valve Spring Each £POA
HCBC264 Valve Washer/Pin Each £POA
HCBC265 Valve Nut Each £POA
HCBC266 Drinker Valve Each £POA
HCBC267 Dome Each £POA
HCBC268 Main Spring Each £POA
HCBC269 Drinker Base Each £POA

Our Expert’s View – The Blenheim Feeder

The Blenheim is an ideal feeder for uses both inside and outside the chicken coop, this feeder will accommodate most breeds of poultry as well as some smaller breeds of waterfowl. This feeder is suitable for up to 6 to 8 standard sized chickens if filled on a daily basis.

The capacity of the feeder is 6kg feed and is very easy to fill from the top, it can also be easily dismantled for cleaning purposes.

The design is perfectly suited to all types of feed including pellets, wheat, corn and mash, the main feed tube is fixed at the correct height to control the flow of feed to the correct level, this saves food waste and also removes the need for any height adjustments.

The anti spill grid that fits into the base of the tray prevents the birds from scratching food eliminating waste.

Indoors Use
The feeder can be suspended inside the coop by fastening a suitable chain or rope to the metal support fitted across the top of the feeder especially for this purpose. (Make sure hanging height will suit the size of chickens you keep allowing them to reach the feeder) a plastic indoor lid is supplied to prevent dirt and insects from entering the feed.
Alternatively the feeder can be free standing on the floor by using the optional 3-inch legs that can be supplied with the feeder, these legs will help to prevent the feed from becoming contaminated from the chickens scratching the bedding on the floor of the coop. Keeping feed clean and dry is very important to comply with today’s bio security standards.

Outside Use
This feeder is ideally suited for outdoor use as a free standing feeder, the outdoor version comes complete with legs and a rainproof hood, the hood is a very easy press fit on the top of the feeder. It is also easy to remove when filling the feeder; it also gives total protection in all weathers.
The 3-inch legs will keep the feeder high enough from the floor to keep the feed rim free from water and dirt and a with the indoor version this protects the feed from becoming contaminated.

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