NEW – Cleanflo Nipple Drinker



Ideal for day old chicks to release!



The principal advantage of nipple drinkers over regular drinkers is that they self flush. This dramatically reduces the chance of cross contamination between birds. Husbandry time is reduced as there is limited surface area be cleaned.


Cleanflo nipple drinkers enhance growth rates as a result of two primary reasons; the first being access to clean, cool water; the second being the fact that they minimise boredom and encourage consumption.


They are very mobile and can be used in sheds, pens and the open environment.




The drinker can be used in conjunction with the brand new BEC Tri-Stand. It allows the drinker to be positioned at any height off the ground, keeping the drinker stabilised in adverse weather conditions.



The Contamination Cover carries over from the original Cleanflo Drinker line, keeping the water cleaner and cooler, particularly when outdoors. Furthermore the cover greatly improves the efficiency of medicated water by providing protection from UV light which destroys the active ingredients.  So no more over medicating the water to compensate, saving you money!



Cleaning the drinker couldn’t be easier. Every part is carefully thought out and can be stripped to allow sterilisation.



TOP TIP: For best results, use the four arm low flow nipples in the sheds, and the two arm high flow nipples outside.