Dome Master Drinker

Part Number: HCBC260


The New Dome Master Drinker from BEC is a gravity fed, ground based game bird and poultry drinker with a centrally sprung, valve, system that ensures that the reservoir is always full. Manufactured in the UK, to ISO 9001:2000 standards, the BEC Dome Master Drinker is readily available ex stock.

Its transparent valve stem allows full view of the in line filter so blockages can be quickly cleared ensuring continual water supply.

Its dome shape means there are no perching points thereby preventing water contamination and the base has BEC’s unique “ChickGrip” textured surface for improved grip for small, or young, birds.

Delivered boxed and ready to use, the BEC Dome Master Drinker is easy to strip, clean and maintain. It is 35cm in diameter and stands at 22cm high.


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Our Expert Says…

“This drinker is ground based, it is ideal for all types of poultry, and game birds and it is also perfect for use when rearing growers.
The Dome Drinker can be used individually or as a multiple drinking system fed from one source.
The drinker is very easy to maintain and comes with a very well designed valve system on the top of the drinker that is clear allowing the operator to see and correct any possible blockages.
The drinker sits on a base that has been designed to be non-slip – making the drinker ideal for young birds.
The Dome Drinker is designed with a shape that prevents perching and this in turn prevents any soiling of the water allowing a fresh healthy supply constantly.
The drinker can be dismantled very easily and this makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.”