Duck Drinker


Part Number:

HDDD1600AUT (Automatic) HDDD1600 (Manual)







Capacity – auto &/or 16L (Manual)

Pack size – 1 unit




Uniquely designed by BEC, this Duck Drinker was created with the duck breeder/keeper in mind

Free standing it also comes with a set of push fit legs raising the reservoir 55 mm off the ground

There are two types of this drinker available, one that is an easy to fill 16L manual drinker and the other is fully automatic that is fed directly from your water supply, this version is fitted with a cut off valve so it keeps the water to the correct level

To clean the drinker simply unplug the grommet and drain the water out.

Although manufactured for ducks, this drinker also proved successful for chickens & geese during trials.