Mini Master Drinker (Optional Chick Saver Ring & Bowl)

Part Number: HABC0080 (Bowl – MiniMaster 1)

Part Number: HABC0090 (Dish – MiniMaster 2)
Part Number: HABC0095 (Complete – MiniMaster 3)
Part Number: HFBC1390 (Chicksaver Ring, for MiniMaster 1&2 only)


The Minimaster Drinker with its optional Chick Saver Ring is available with either a Water Bowl, or Dish, and is fed from a saddle connector or via a Watermaster Drinker using a side outlet connector.

Our Expert Says…

“The Mini Master has been designed to be used as a fully automatic drinker that is ideal for use in the brooder, this is perfect for chicks as it comes with an optional ring that fits into the water tray, and this is an extra precautionary measure to prevent the chicks drowning. The Minimaster range can be used in conjunction with the larger automatic drinker range by incorporating a side outlet to the saddle connector.

The drinker is ground based and has two variants – the Minimaster 1 has a bowl , the Minimaster 2 has a dish.”