Expert’s View – Drinker Range


The BEC drinker range includes five sizes of fonts, covering all the basic needs of the average poultry keeper; they are all free standing and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
These drinkers are all red based with an opaque press on fit top, they are very easy to use and clean so this is an ideal, reasonably priced range of drinkers that is suitable for all sizes of poultry breeds and all levels of poultry keepers
If you are rearing chickens from day old chicks you will require drinkers that are safe and suitable for birds of varying ages and sizes. Day old chicks will need a small narrow lipped drinker, the BEC 1Ltr and 1.5Ltr versions in this range are perfect as they have been specially designed to be shallow and narrow lipped, this will prevent the chicks from drowning. This size of drinker is ideal for the first two weeks or until the chicks reach a size that prevents them from coming to any harm.
1ltr and 1.5ltr are suitable for up to ten chicks; if you have higher numbers – use multiple drinkers.
The range then includes drinker sizes to accommodate the number of chicks you have hatched, I suggest that the next two sizes – the 3Ltr and 5Ltr are ideal for use with up to twelve tom fifteen growers as the chicks mature, this again depends on the quantity of chicks being reared, a constant supply of fresh water is required for all chickens so regular checks are needed.
The 10Ltr version of this range is ideal as a ground standing drinker that is suitable for up to twelve adult birds both indoors and outdoors, ideally standing this on a raised area to prevent the water from becoming contaminated or use the raised Disco stand available from BEC that is perfect for all ground based drinkers.

(The number of birds quoted for each size of drinker is based on regular checks and daily water replacement.)