Expert’s View – Combination Drinker Range

The Combination drinker is the top of the range in poultry drinkers; this is a heavy-duty, extremely strong drinker that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
This range comes in three sizes – 3, 6, and-12litres. The 6 & 12 litre versions can be adapted to stand with or without the optional legs, as with all drinkers they must be stood on level ground to avoid leakage. The drinker has a twist lock fit base that allows you to fill the drinker with the base removed and the top turned over, once full then just simply twist and lock the base into position.
The Combination drinker can be used in a variety of ways, it can be free standing on its base or it has the option to be stood on its own legs that are press fixed into the base and give a floor clearance of 7.5 cms, it can also be used as a hanging drinker using the extra strong handle that is fixed to the top of the drinker. Hanging the Combination drinker is very easy as the handle has a central hole to attach a chain or cable to and this levels the drinker automatically.
The hanging height will vary subject to breed size but the average height for chickens is approximately 23 to 30 cms from the ground.
Legs for these drinkers are an optional extra but are highly recommended; these are an easy push fit into the base.
The Combination drinkers are suitable for all sizes of adult birds from True Bantams to Large Fowl, the size required depends on the number of birds kept – but working on a daily basis the 3ltr will accommodate up to 3-4 bantams, the 6ltr up to 6 birds and the 12ltr around 8-10 birds – this may vary subject to bird sizes and the weather conditions, replacing the water daily is very important and in hot weather this may have to be repeated more than once a day.