50cm Linear Feeder

Part Number: HCBC760NEO

The large version of the BEC Linear feeder is suitable for larger Poultry and game birds. There are 50cm long with a height 12.5cm [with legs extended 18cm] and a Width of 16cm – that takes up to 3.5 kg of feed.

The Linear feeder has an efficient snap closure that is easy to lock preventing accidental spillage.

The top of the Linear feeder has optimally sized feed holes and ridges designed specifically to prevent birds perching on the top and fouling feed.

The Linear feeder can be combined with other units to create a feeder run to support any number of chicks and it can be done simply and quickly!

It can hold all types of feed – wheat, pellets, mash or grit and the grill is hinged to make cleaning really easy. It has extendible legs raising it up out of the birds bedding by 5.5 cm. The grill is designed to prevent the birds scratching food out of the trough.