Wise Mountable Feeder

Part Number: HABC0401AGY (Grey)

Part Number: HABC0401AGRN (Green)


BEC has designed the revolutionary new Wise Mountable feeder for poultry and game keepers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their feeding regime. The Wise Mountable feeder is designed to fit on almost any surface—cages, sheds, walls, trees and fence posts. The Dimensions of the feeder are 300mm x 140mm x 250mm—each cartridge is 300mm x 140mm x 180mm (LxWxH).

The Wise Mountable feeder is a modular feeder with a 5 kilo extension cartridge. Additional Silos and Mounting Brackets are available so you can vary the capacity from the basic 10 kilos Mountable feeder right up to 20kilos —ensuring you have the correct amount of feed available to your birds.

The design allows easy access to the lid of the feeder without disturbing caged birds—that is ideal for certain types of game birds and poultry—it has a rain shield to protect the feed, a fine dust drain in the base and is easy to maintain and clean. It will take nearly all types of feed and prevents ‘scratching out’ by birds. The Wise feeder also prevents vermin accessing your expensive feed.




Our Expert Says…

” The Wise feeder is a unique design that is ideal for every type of poultry and game bird keeping situation; the feeder can be mounted on almost all surfaces making it useful for both inside and outdoor use.
Mounting can be on either a fence post, coop wall, tree or on any wire mesh or cage wire, the feeder comes with brackets and hooks allowing it to be mounted easily, also making removal simple for cleaning or relocation.

Once the fixing bracket is screwed into position the feeder slides onto the bracket and is held securely in place. The cage version is designed to fit on vertical and diagonal mesh with hooks and tie wraps. The basic single cartridge holds 5kg (10lb) of feed – this can be extended as required by adding one or more extension cartridges each of which holds a further 5kg of feed. It is recommended to use up to a maximum of three sections giving a total holding capacity of 20kg – above this amount extra brackets will be required.

The feeder comes with a rain proof hood and has a fitted front weather protector that fits neatly over the feed tray. The design of the front lip is rolled inwards making it completely anti scratch therefore stopping the chickens wasting feed.