WM3e Automatic Drinker


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Bowl diameter – 38cm

Height – 34cm (cone only)

Height – 58cm (cone, valve & hanger strap)

Capacity – auto

Pack size – 10 units




This automatic drinker utilises the proven and reliable BEC Drinker Valve system

Ideal for larger birds such as turkeys, the WM3e is supplied with a ballast bowl for extra stabilty

The automatic drinkers are designed to be used from a separate header tank and are gravity fed. The water level in the drinker tray is adjustable

The drinker comes with 3m of black tubing, saddle assembly, hanger strap, nylon or plastic covered hanging cord, a slider for height adjustment

The valve includes a filter in the top that can be removed for cleaning

Very easy to use and clean, spares readily available

Suitable for Poultry and Game Birds



We now offer a unique Bell drinker cover designed to keep the drinking water clean and cool

The Biomaster Guard prevents contamination such as dust, dirt and faeces from entering the automatic drinking system