3kg Feeder

Part Number: HCBC229


A substantial, easy to use push fit feeder, can be used with any type of feed, easy to clean, the cone top discourages perching and subsequent contamination of the feed tray.


Our Expert Says…

” The BEC feeder range covers the basic needs for the poultry keeper who needs feeders suitable for chickens from day old to full grown, this range includes four sizes from 1kg up to 5kg, all have a red base with an easy to fit opaque push on top. As with the matching drinker range these are very easy to use and clean.

Combine these feeders with the drinker range to accommodate all chickens from day old chicks increasing the feeder size as they mature.

Although all this range have a fixed feed flow they are suitable for all types of poultry feed, the 1kg and 1.5kg are an ideal size for inside the brooder and for use with chick starter crumbs, all the feeders have a pre set feed flow control therefore no adjustments are required.

Feeder size will need to increase as the chicks grow; the 3kg and the 5kg are ideally suitable for all types of feed including growers and layers pellets, corn or mash.”

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