The Flexi-Peg

Flexi-Peg (Black- loose) HFBC2401 Flexi-Peg (Black- bagged in 5’s with card inserts) HABC0600 Flexi-Peg (Yellow – loose) HFBC2401Y Flexi-Peg (Yellow- bagged in 5’s with card inserts) HABC0600Y

The Flexi-Peg is a durable marker with a wide range of uses in the countryside, on the estate, by the river, on the golf course or at the garden centre.

The Flexi-Peg is a constructed to a unique design to stand up to the practicalities of everyday marker use in the rural environment. Designed to be knocked flat and spring back to its full height if trodden on or run over the Flexi-Peg provides the labour saving answer to marking problems at shoots, angling competitions and other countryside events.

The Flexi-Peg is available in Yellow, Neutral or Black, it comes packed in bags of five with a display header card and card inserts or loose in boxes of fifty.

Extra strong for rugged use, UV protected, and manufactured in the UK by Osprey BEC the Flexi-Peg has a myriad of uses where you need to mark your territory!